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The Multi-faith prayer room @ The Universal God Centre is currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

This prayer room will occasionally be used to help educate the public about rituals of the different Abrahamic Faiths used during services. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Prayer that takes place here by Muslims, Jews or Christians is welcomed to be observed by the public for educational purposes. 

All Prayers will be based on teachings from Abrahamic Scripture about the concepts of Faith, love, Peace, Kindness, Respect, Tolerance, Compassion, Gratitude, Humility, Joy, and Perseverance.

We will be having interfaith meetings in this space and interfaith worship on Saturdays God-Willing when we re-open.

All people are welcome to take part in personal prayer and worship in this Multi-Faith Centre, and welcome to observe public worship for educational purposes.  We politely request that individuals do not display or set up visible idols or images as objects of worship or bring in or be under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants during its useWe reserve the right to decline entry to individuals who do not observe these rules in order to keep the peace and harmony in the Centre. 

Group services are aimed to be educational and interactive and speakers are reminded to ensure the audience that any views expressed are their personal views. 

No use of candles without permission from staff and unless supervised.

Updates on upcoming services will be on this page. 

Please be aware that the Centre respects asks visitors to respect the seven Noahide commandments as a common ground between the Abrahamic Faiths, and this is where the House rules have been drawn from. 

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(Currently closed due to Covid 19)